Turmeric-Orange Soap

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This clean-scented Turmeric-Orange Soap is 100% natural. These 100% natural soaps are handmade from natural oils and fresh herbs using a cold process that ensures all healing properties are retained. Because they contain non chemical additives, they are as friendly to your skin as they are to the environment. The artisan of these soaps are known as “Survivors” the women of Sacred Mark of the Bangladeshi Sex trade who earn their living by making handmade soaps. They take part in an eight months vocational training program and they are able to begin new lives. Bangladesh is a lush country with rich history and culture. We want to do well for human and environment with the blessing of nature. That’s why we use natural product no chemical additives and produce Turmeric-Orange soap which is healthy for health.

Features and Advantages:

  1. Turmeric rejuvenates, deep cleanses the skin and opens clogged pores.
  2. Turmeric’s antioxidants help fight against harmful effects of free radicals.
  3. Turmeric helps in healing of wounds and removing the stretch marks formed on skin, helpful in getting rid of acne and skin eruptions of various types.
  4. Vitamin C from Orange helps give skin the needed nutrition, make skin healthy and glowing.


  • ONLY 100% natural ingredients that is medicated for skin.
  • No harmful chemical for skin.
  • Vegetable oils suitable for skin and no harmful animal fats for skin.
  • No irritation for sensitive skin.
  • No allergic reaction on skin.

Difference between Natural Handmade soap and Commercial soap:

Areas of Difference Natural Handmade Soap Commercial Soap
Processing Natural product Chemical/ Petroleum product
Addition of Preservative Nil Harmful Tetrasodium is used as preservative
Presence of natural Glycerin Yes Nil
Medicinal value Yes No
Irritation of skin No Synthetic moisturizer is used that cause irritation for skin
Presence of Natural Oil/ Vegetable Oil Yes Nil
Healthy dry skin protection Yes No
Environment friendly Yes No
Addition of Detergent Nil Yes
Presence of Animal Fat Nil Yes
Presence of Harmful Chemical Nil Yes
Production time 45 days to make 1 soap Thousands per minute

Direction: Wash your hand, face and body everyday in a regular basis by Modern Herbal Turmeric-Orange Soap. 100% medicated soap.

Pack Size: Nt. Wt 100gm


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